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About Turkey



Turkey is a Eurasian country which is 1600-kilometer long and 800 kilometers wide and has a kind of rectangular shape. Sea surrounds Turkey on 3 sides of the country. In western Turkey, the Aegean Sea; the Mediterranean in the south and in the north the Black Sea. Turkey has a variety of landscapes. It has high and low plains as well as mountains, lakes and forests. The highest point is 5165 meters.


On the coasts of the Mediterranean sea there is generally a very mild climate. The summer daytime temperatures are generally about 30 ° C. Annual precipitation is at 400 millimeter. It rains generally the most in May while July and August are the driest months.


Turkey offers a lot of archaeological and historical sights next to beaches, great scenery and unique natural landscapes. The south coast between Antalya in the west and the Cape Anamur in the east of Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera. This is one of the tourist centers of the country. Beside Alanya, Antalya is the most important city. In addition the southern Aegean coast is also very popular. Another very famous seaside resort is Bodrum.

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